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Employees of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow took part in the International Health Forum – XVIII Assembly «Healthy Moscow» held from January 16 to January 19 in the territory of the VDNH


Auditors of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow (hereinafter – the Chamber) Kiselev B.V., Kuznetsov A.S. and the Head of Inspection № 3 Pavlova O.V. attended the Assembly “Healthy Moscow” (hereinafter –
the Assembly).

The main topics of the Assembly were the development of digitalization in the field of healthcare, methods of fighting against oncology diseases, problems of providing medical care in big cities taking into consideration international medical experience.

During the Assembly employees of the Chamber attended such plenary sessions as “Health of Big Cities: Big Challenges and Big Opportunities”, “Digitalization of the Healthcare. New Opportunities for Doctors and Patients of Cities’ Healthcare System”.

Participants of the Assembly’s plenary sessions included the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Skvortsova V.I., the Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin S.S., the Deputy Moscow Mayor in the Moscow Government for social development issues Rakova A.V., Russian and foreign representatives of medical organizations.

In the plenary sessions the issues of healthcare transformation and promotion of healthy and active way of life in the context of space globalization processes were discussed. Experts spoke about key problems for the capital’s healthcare system including modernization of primary health care, creation of large high-technology medical centers and centers of competence, strengthening the role of cancer care in medical maintenance of patients and implementing information-technology management system in medicine.

During the plenary session devoted to the problems of introduction of digital technology in health care experts discussed the possibility and prospects for the development of business processes in the field of healthcare, global trends in the possibilities of digital technologies. They noted innovations in Moscow healthcare in order to ensure the health of citizens.

In the course of the Assembly employees of the Chamber learned about technologies of the future in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, new forms of medical care organization and approaches to management decision-making in the context of digitalization of medicine.