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On 25-27th of September the Chairman of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow Dvurechenskikh V.A. is taking part in the XXIII Congress of the International organization of Supreme audit institutions (INTOSAI)


The XXIII Congress of INTOSAI is dedicated to two topical subjects: "Information technology in public administration development" and "the Role of Supreme audit institutions in achieving national priorities and goals." In the framework of the XXIII Congress of INTOSAI with the direct participation of Dvurechenskikh V.A. working meetings are held with the chairmen of the control and accounting bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation and representatives of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, which deals with the monitoring of national projects in the regional context.

The XXIII INTOSAI Congress organized the work of delegations from 169 countries – members of the International organization of Supreme audit institutions (INTOSAI), economists, experts in public administration and social sphere, as well as representatives of the United Nations, the world Bank, the Organization for economic cooperation and development, with the participation of the Chairman of Board of PAO "Sberbank of Russia" Gref G.O., the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Volodin V.V., Moscow Mayor Sobyanin S.S., the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of state Corporation – Fund for assistance in reforming housing and communal services Stepashin S.V., as well as representatives of business and consulting.

During the XXIII Congress of INTOSAI the powers of the President and the Chairman of the governing Board of INTOSAI for the next three years had been transferred to the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Kudrin A.L., which said that a priority for all the higher bodies of state audit in Russia and abroad are: the systematic development of educational environment, innovative approaches to information processing, generalization and dissemination of best practices, exchange of experience to improve the activities of all the control and accounting bodies.