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On 1-5th of October official employees of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow took part in seminars concerning the organization of functioning of social services and development of social infrastructure in countries of Scandinavia (Helsinki and


Official employees of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow (further – official employees): Dushenko S.M., Styopina V.V., Terekhova M.V. took part in seminars organized by the External Economic and International Relations Department.

In the sphere of social protection and support of population the countries of Scandinavia are on the leading positions now. The main feature of the Scandinavian model of social protection of population is providing with the high standards of life quality aimed at promotion of social mobility, ensuring respect for human rights and stability of the economy.

Official employees as part of the Moscow government delegation got acquainted with the work of special and medical institutions of Helsinki, the procedure for the provision of electronic services by the social services of Helsinki (Apotti system and the network service Perheentuki.fi), technologies of virtual support, virtual doctor as also of the virtual rehabilitation, technology startup in the field of health and social protection of the population.

Official employees took part in working meetings with specialists in the prevention of family trouble, psychological assistance to families, lawsuits and protection of the rights of minors as also in the functioning of tutorship and guardianship authorities of Copenhagen.